Michael Strahan Can't Resist Eating Pregnant TV "Wife" Sara Haines' Junk Food

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Michael Strahan and Sara Haines, co-hosts of ABC's "Strahan and Sara," sat down with Rachael — in their first appearance together on her show — to talk about their show, its name change, how Sara is handling her third pregnancy and more.

"I love the name change," Rach tells the pair. "It's so much cooler and it's so much more about you guys! Because that's why people tune in — to get your personality."

Originally called "GMA Day," Michael says he actually likes the way "Sara and Strahan" sounds better than "Strahan and Sara."

"But it's too late, we already switched it once. We can't switch it again," he quips.

"Michael calls it the wrong name every day in meetings," Sara dishes.

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In other exciting news, Sara is pregnant with her third child!

And while Michael did wear a sympathy belly on the show to express his support for her and acknowledge that pregnancy isn't always an easy journey, Rach doesn't think that's nearly enough.

"That thing needs a cattle prod on the inside so it zaps you in the badoobies and you really feel what it's like!" she jokes. "It's not sympathy to just carry the weight around." (She's got a point!)

Well, Michael also explains that while Sara is going through the ups and downs of pregnancy, he's experiencing some of the cravings, too — thanks to the snacks she keeps on set!

"I usually eat very clean, I don't eat a lot of junk," he says. "But I've been killing the Swedish fish, I've been killing the Girl Scout cookies."

"He's put on weight," Sara laughs. "[But] these little problems hit me unexpectedly, so I need crackers, Swedish fish, Thin Mints … and then occasionally other healthy cooked foods by our chefs."

"You really are like a daytime duo," Rach adds. "Like sort of daytime married."

"We actually do love each other," Michael says. "It's real."


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