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Photo credit: World Central Kitchen/Power of 10 Initiative/Independent Restaurant Coalition Aired September 21, 2020

Since COVID-19 hit our nation in March 2020, at its peak, as many as 8 million restaurant employees were laid off or furloughed — that's two out of every three waiters, bartenders, busboys, hosts, chefs, cooks, dishwashers and managers from your favorite restaurants across the country. 

Here's more information on two charities working to fund local restaurants and feed communities impacted by COVID-19, and one organization advocating for restaurant relief through legislative change.

The Power of 10 Initiative

The Power of 10 Initiative was created by chef and restaurateur Erik Bruner-Yang. "Independent neighborhood restaurants are among the anchors of every great community in America, and far too many are enduring an insufferable fate in the face of COVID-19. The Power of 10 aims to change that fate for as many restaurants in as many cities as possible, by empowering them to employ their staff, maintain their operations, and feed the people in their communities who need meals the most," Erik says on the Power of 10 website.

"Here's how it works: For $10,000 a week a restaurant can employ 10 restaurant staffers, who make 1,000 healthy meals to feed frontline workers and those in need in the community," Erik says.

For even more information on Power of 10, visit the website:

World Central Kitchen

World Central Kitchen, founded by Chef José Andrés, is known for setting up field kitchens to feed millions of people fresh meals at the scene of natural disasters — and the need is as fierce as ever amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of its #ChefsForAmerica nationwide emergency food relief program, World Central Kitchen has purchased over 7 million meals from local restaurants totaling more than $90 million, and delivered those meals directly to Americans that need assistance, according to the World Central Kitchen website.

For even more information on World Central Kitchen, visit the website: 

The Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC)

Chef Andrew Zimmern was a founding member of the Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC), and has been lobbying state and national governments to help restaurants affected by COVID-19. "Without federal aid, the pandemic threatens to permanently close 85% of independent restaurants. 16M people risk losing their jobs. So we are pushing for Congress to pass the Restaurants Act — which would establish a $120 billion fund to help independent restaurants," he explains.

For even more information on the Independent Restaurant Coalition, visit the website:

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