New FOX "Cherries Wild" Game Show Host Jason Biggs Admits He Keeps Close Tabs On Celeb Divorces

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Jason Biggs may be the host of the new pop culture trivia show "Cherries Wild," but he thinks he'd fare well as a contestant, too — and a funny story involving his wife Jenny Mollen proves it.

For starters, how does "Cherries Wild" work exactly? 

"'Cherries Wild' is a new game show from FOX and Pepsi and their wild cherry brand," Jason tells Rach. "It's this fun collaboration between the two. Basically, I'm your host and I'll have a team of two contestants come on, working together. We have mother/son, best friends, married couples. They'll come on and do two rounds of pop culture trivia with me where they can win money, they can win wild cherries and they can win free spins on this giant handle on this giant slot machine. It's so cool. If you get all five wild cherries, you win $250,000. But you can win any amount up to that." 

cherries wild jason biggs

"Without spoiling anything, we gave away a lot of money — life-changing money. People were just excited to be on a stage and on TV … and working with Jason Biggs," Jason jokes. "I mean, come on. And then they win X amount of dollars that is no joke. Some of the people were out of work. It was such a great gig, it really was."

Even though Jason had such a blast hosting, he thinks he'd do pretty well as a contestant, too — because he stays on top of pop culture news.

"I had a little earpiece in where I could get the answer," Jason says. "But the truth was, I did really good. There was one time that I was legitimately stumped and then a second time when I made an educated guess and was correct. But overall, I'd say I'm pretty good. I would've made a decent contestant."

"Especially [with] Jenny and I," he continues, "I'm always the one that's coming in the room going, 'Did you hear so-and-so and so-and-so are getting divorced?' And she's like, 'What are you talking about?' I'm always that guy. And the best is when she asks me to then explain. She's like, 'I have no idea what you're talking about. Can you explain it to me?' And then I start to explain and then it's like, 'Can you just look it up? Can I send you the link?' And she's like, 'No, explain it to me!' I'm like, 'No, I really shouldn't have opened my mouth. I really don't want to sit here and tell you the whole thing. Can you just look it up yourself?'"


Speaking of Jenny, watch her adorably crash Jason's interview with Rach here!

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