Rach & Her Sister Maria Reminisce About Childhood Memories—and Maria's Love Of Butter

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Playing Rach Shows Off Cookies Her Sister Made Her + They Laugh About Childhood Memories

It's no secret that Rachael doesn't love to bake — and in her family, that's where her sister, Maria, comes in! 

Maria joined Rach from their mom Elsa's kitchen to share not one, two, three, four, but FIVE Christmas cookie recipes (including Ginger Bellas, Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies, Holiday Teddy Bear Cookies, Holiday Spritz Cookies & Butter Bella Cookies For Dogs) — and she and Rach reminisced about when Maria's love of baking may have started. 

"It quiets your mind and you get to do this artwork that you get to eat," Maria says. "I love butter, and it's the food with the most butter in it!"

"Maria loved butter so much that Mommy used to keep the butter in the freezer so it lasts longer," Rach remembers. "And Maria would take it out like a popsicle and literally suck on a stick of butter. Crazy!"

"I'm so baking challenged," Rach continues. "Maria knows the truth. The one year I tried to make Christmas cookies, nobody wanted to come over to eat them with me, because they turned me into such a Grinch." 

We think a Christmas with Rach making dinner and Maria making dessert sounds perfect.

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