Rach & John Reminisce About Their Childhood Bedrooms—Rach's Had a Ladder!

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A viewer asked Rach and John about what their childhood bedrooms were like—and Rach actually admits that she often still dreams of hers—how adorable!   

"When I was very little and my grandpa was still alive, I had the coolest bedroom in the world. We lived in a Yankee barn—it's truly shaped like a barn. And I lived in this little loft that had a ladder that went down to the living room. It was on the angle of the peaked barn ceiling, so you had to be very short to get to my room," Rach explains. "I also had this little balcony and that's where my easel and my reading table was." How cute! 

"And my grandpa was my caregiver and my best friend when I was very small. He unfortunately had type 1 diabetes, and as he got older, he occasionally needed to use a walker, so he was always a little bit hunched over. Plus, we're not really tall people as you notice, so, we fit into my room just right," she adds.  

"Every morning I would swing upside down from my ladder over the living room and I'd set my paints up or my drawings up or my books out for when I'd come home from school, so I could go right to work at all of that. And, I'd line up all my toys and things in my room, so they could have conversations while I was at school. I was very nutty as a kid," Rach jokes. We wish we could see this setup! 

"I loved that bedroom. I dream of it often because I miss my grandpa," says Rach.  

And John's childhood bedroom was also super unique.  

"We didn't have a big house growing up, so upstairs was an attic, so my parents finished the attic, but they only gave me half of the attic because they needed the other half to be an attic. But, they also put my brother in the room with me, so we had our twin beds. So, I grew up in an attic with my brother, but we did have an Atari 2600," says John.  

"I don't know if it sounds idyllic or like a horror movie setup," Rach says. And we couldn't agree more! 

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