Rachael Gives a Tour of Her 2021 Holiday Decor In Upstate Home + NYC Apartment

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It's not the holiday season until we see how Rachael decorates her home, are we right?

Rach usually shows us the many gorgeous trees throughout her house—and last year, she shared the decor in the guest house she and John were living in while their house was being rebuilt. This year, Rachael is not only giving us a tour of the Christmas decor in her newly rebuilt upstate home, but she's also giving us a glimpse of her New York City apartment decor. And we're inspired. 

"This is the official holiday tour of the rebuilt house. I can't even believe it's only been a year and a half and the entire house is back," Rach says. "Many of our friends helped us try and rebuild Christmas this year because of all that we lost in the fire." 

Let's start outside! 

rachael holiday decor
Rachael Ray Show

"This is a Scandinavian marriage sled that for some reason I fell in love with and bought years ago." 

rachael ray holiday decor outside
Rachael Ray Show

Inside we go!

"Della Robbia was the sign of Christmas every year in our home when I was a little girl," Rach says about the decorations in her dining room and kitchen.

della robbia decorations
Rachael Ray Show

Now for the main event...

"This is the owl tree," Rach says. "All of our friends tried to recreate all of the ornaments and things that we've done for years and years here. And I think it's come out pretty good!" (We agree!)

owl tree
Rachael Ray Show

As for "the big ta-da" in her guest house, Rach says it's definitely the back porch. Look how gorgeous!

guest house porch
Rachael Ray Show
christmas decorations
Rachael Ray Show

Rach even decorates the inside of her garage, which she's been using as an office space. We're obsessed with the baby tree in there.

garage holiday decor
Rachael Ray Show
christmas tree
Rachael Ray Show

Like we said, not only does Rach give us a tour of her upstate home, but she also shares a glimpse inside her New York City apartment—which she and John just recently returned to after not having been there during the pandemic.

"Here in New York, we don't have room for a giant Christmas tree," she says. "No one does. So I've always only done the windowsills in this apartment—always. I drew the idea of what Christmas could be here, and Susan and Peter—my friends from Finishing Touches—they came here and executed this for us by taking doodles and making them happen."

christmas windowsill decorations
Rachael Ray Show

"And they did the cutest Charlie Brown tree for me..." 

apartment christmas tree
Rachael Ray Show

"Every little nook and cranny has some sort of brightness or light," Rach says. "And that's what we need. Just brightness and light. And the understanding of each other and one another—and the acceptance that we all need to live here, together."

You can say that again, Rach. Happy holidays, everyone!

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