Rachael's Super Popular 12-Inch Cast Iron Skillet Is Back In Stock

12-Inch Cast Iron Frying Pan
Photo credit: RachaelRay.com

Rachael often says that if you can only buy one kitchen essential, it should be a cast-iron skillet. Whether it's a gift or a treat for yourself, when you're learning how to cook, a cast-iron skillet is a versatile piece of cookware that will last a long time.

"A cast-iron skillet is an essential," Rach says. "[They] outlast us. You can pass them from generation to generation. That's a great investment piece and it makes a really nice gift."

Rach makes a 12-inch cast-iron skillet (in red!) and it's so popular that it tends to sell out fast. Good news is, it's back in stock now—so if you've been wanting to snag your own, run, don't walk!

12-Inch Cast Iron Frying Pan

12-Inch Cast Iron Frying Pan

Rachael Ray

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