Rach's Platform Sneakers You've Been Asking About? Here’s Where You Can Get Them

converse low top run star hike
Photo credit: Converse

If you've been watching our in-studio shows lately, you may have noticed Rachael wearing super-cute platform sneakers. In fact, a few of you have asked us about them! 

rachael ray
Rachael Ray Show

Well, we went straight to her show stylists to get the scoop. 

They tell us Rach has been wearing the Converse Low Top Run Star Hikes—and she loves them so much, she has them in both colors. (Who else stocks up on the same pair of shoes when you know they're good? *raises hand*

Low Top Run Star Hike

Low Top Run Star Hike


And Rach isn't alone. The low top version of the Run Star Hike nearly has a perfect 5-star review, with one reviewer saying she might buy a back-up pair. See what we mean? 

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