Sharon Osbourne and Rach Both Lost A Tooth—On Live TV!

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Before Rach chatted with Sharon Osbourne, she discovered that they have a very funny (and totally weird) thing in common: losing a tooth on live television!

We watched a clip from "The Talk" where Sharon suddenly discovered that her tooth was falling out, then hammed it up and showed her co-hosts the gap—they couldn't get over it!

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When Rach was interviewing Laurence Fishburne, she had the same experience and delicately coughed the tooth into her hand. At the end of the segment, she couldn't resist showing off what the staff called her "pirate tooth" before they glued it back in!

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We knew Sharon and Rach had a lot in common—strong, funny, smart women who host TV shows—but this is one shared experience we couldn't have predicted!

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