The Best Thing To Drink To Soothe an Anxious Stomach, According To a Doctor

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Chef Geoffrey Zakarian, Chef Curtis Stone and Dr. Ian Smith were all on hand to give our viewers answers to their most pressing foodie questions, and one audience member named Vera had one we can all relate to!

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Q: "There are times when I feel stressed out and [get an] anxious feeling in my stomach. Are there are any foods that are soothing and would help alleviate that?"

A: Dr. Ian Smith recommends foods that are warmer and can coat your stomach.

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"Basically, when you have an upset stomach, you have a lot of acid in your stomach to help digest the food," Dr. Ian says. "Sometimes you oversecrete or overproduce the acid, so you want to calm it down."

Warm liquids especially, like warm milk or ginger tea, are very soothing for an anxious stomach, the doc says.   

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