The Best Way To Store Ground Beef In The Freezer To Get The Longest Life Out Of It

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You store food in the freezer to savor it, not spoil it. But storing everything properly is key. So how do you store ground beef in the freezer while preserving its quality? Rach answers. 

"Generally speaking, I ask my butcher to put [ground meat] into a plastic pouch, not on a tray," Rach explains. "You're trying to eliminate air. [That's] how you protect anything you freeze. I have a food saver and it's awesome. It sucks all the air out of anything. So if I bought something in a tray and brought it home because that was the only option, I take it off of that, pat it dry, put it in a food saver bag and suck all the air out. You want to put dry meat into a made-for-the-freezer package and get all the air out — and you'll get the longest life you can get out of it." 

With that said, Rach says she still rotates the contents of her freezer every six months. (Have you seen her freezer list?) If she can't use everything that's in there by that time, she enlists friends and family to help her use everything up. Win win!

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