The Surprising Reason You Might Want to Serve Filet Mignon (or stock up and freeze!) at Thanksgiving

filet mignon
Photo credit: iStock Aired November 11, 2021

It's no secret that beef prices have been higher than usual, but what you might not know is that value-wise, Thanksgiving is often the best time to serve filet mignon. According to master butcher and the author of The Everyday Meat Guide, Ray Venezia, since there's less demand for it this time of year, the cost tends to go down. He recommends a variety of turkey alternatives here, but says if you want to go high end, a filet is a great choice. The cut is festive and easy to prepare and carve. It can also be served simply seasoned or with your favorite sauce.

Here's another pro tip: if you find a really good deal, consider buying and freezing an extra filet for another special occasion. After all, Christmas is right around the corner!

(If you're set on cooking a turkey this year, click here to find out how chefs do it.)

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