This Smart Bike Helmet Has LED Lights + Turn Signals For Visibility on the Road

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Playing Smart Bicycle Helmet Demo | Tech Expert Katie Linendoll

If you ride a bike, you're going to want to check out this new smart helmet.

Lifestyle and technology expert Katie Linendoll is the queen of cool new gadgets, and this one appears to be no exception.

The Lumos bike helmet, which is available for pre-order now, is "the world's first smart bicycle helmet that integrates front and rear lights, hard brake, and turn signals into a single cohesive whole," according to their website.

"This is all about visibility at night," Katie says. She shows off the bright white and red LEDs on the front and back of the helmet, then invites our audience warm-up artist, Joey Kola, to test out the turn signal function. 

"A wireless remote goes right on the handlebars, and when you're ready, you hit the turn signal [using] your thumb," Katie explains. "It's all about safety first."

See Joey demo the helmet's indicator lights in the video above.

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