This Tiny Bathroom Renovation Was One of Judge Patricia DiMango's Funniest "Hot Bench" Cases

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"Hot Bench" judge Patricia DiMango handles some pretty wacky cases, but one that involved a tiny bathroom left the judge rolling.

A woman went to a party where she met a man who did home improvements, Judge DiMango explains. She hired the man to convert a small basement closet into a bathroom. Key word: small.

When the work was complete, you couldn’t even sit down on the toilet! "You had to be like a cowboy and literally straddle the toilet and raise your leg over it," Judge DiMango explains.

"If you were a man standing in the basement, you could still use it, but you'd have to have good aim!" Rach quips.

Luckily, the homeowner seemed to be in good spirits about it. "I might not have a good bathroom, but I’m far more flexible than I ever used to be," she told Judge DiMango on the show.

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