TikTok's Corporate Millennial King — and Aspiring Chef! — @Rod Cites Rachael As His Inspiration

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If you love yourself a hilarious TikTok, then you're probably well acquainted with the app's corporate millennial king, Rod Thill (a.k.a. @rod — with 1.6 million followers and counting!).  

Rod first started posting his videos — most of which are work-themed and SO spot on — during the pandemic, and people loved them so much, he never stopped. 

But for 2023, he says, he's giving his content a light refresh: It's the Year of Cooking Content!  

"I love cooking!" says Rod. "My grandma and I would cook all the time. I wanted to be a chef! My parents were like, let's pursue a business degree first… And that's what I did, and I ended up just not following through with the cooking career. But it's a very fun passion of mine." 

And his (oft-cited) inspiration? Why, none other than our girl, Rachael, herself!  

"Rachael is actually one of the first people I watched [who] encouraged my passion of cooking," he says — while whipping out two DVDs of Rachael's "30 Minute Meals." 

(We could not love it more!)  

But as he mentioned, his love of cooking first came from his grandma, who he lost last year to COVID-19. It was a huge loss for him, and his therapist had a suggestion: "When you miss her, make her favorite meals." 

And that's exactly what he's been doing. As she was Greek, his go-to is her Greek specialty: avgolemeno, which is chicken soup with egg-lemon sauce.  

As Rod puts it, "[The] nostalgia is therapeutic." 

Rod's clearly on a roll, and we don't want it to stop anytime soon! That's why we partnered with Instacart, who, to really kick-start his cooking career into high-gear, sent him a $500 gift card.  

We can't wait to see all the cooking content coming to his page soon!  

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