What Are Rachael's Favorite Pots + Pans To Cook With At Home?

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It's no secret that Rach creates her very own cookware, but does she pick favorites? Well, it all depends on what she's cooking!

"I use three different surfaces to cook food," Rach tells a studio audience member.

"My go-to for any sort of protein or meat is a cast-iron skillet," she adds. "I think it's an essential for the kitchen."

rachael ray cast iron skillet

(She recently made a pizza in a cast iron skillet, too. Yum!)

She also loves cast-iron dutch ovens for soups, stews and braised meats. "I make my own so I can pick the colors and be the boss of the shape," Rach quips.

Rachael Ray cast iron casserole
Rachael Ray Griddle Lid Cast Iron Casserole

As for non-stick, she uses cookware made with hard anodized material. Rach says this material is all-purpose, more durable than stainless steel, even heating and dense. She also notes that you can roast in it up to 400 degrees and use metal utensils in it.

rachael ray hard anodized nonstick frying pan
Rachael Ray Brights Hard Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan

"We do make every fabrication in our lines, because I like to represent everything that people want to shop for," Rach tells our audience. "But those are the three that I use in my home."

Now that's what we call an expert opinion!

You can shop more of Rach's cookware here.

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