What Does Rachael Want For Christmas? She Lets Her Husband John Surprise Her Every Year

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Rachael and John have been known to playfully disagree when answering viewer questions, like when Rach sweetly corrected John about what they ordered on their first date or that time Rach got super honest about John's golfing skills

But when a viewer asked whether Rach and John make Christmas wish lists or prefer to surprise each other with gifts every year, the two were very much in agreement. Here's what they had to say:

Rach: "I have never asked for anything — except playlists, I guess?"

John: "Yes, I make you playlists."

Rach: "Because you make beautiful playlists and I appreciate them, but... No, I don't ask for stuff. Every year I ask John what genre of musical instrument he might enjoy because he plays everything. And I try and gift John some sort of instrument each year. But no, we don't make Christmas lists, really."

John: "Usually I just give her a big fat wad of cash. I say, 'Go buy yourself something nice.'"

Rach: "That is so not... No."

John: "I don't do that. I do have a secret place that I shop for-"

Rach: "You have several. You have multiple."

John: "...gifts for you. Several places that I never let her know where I'm going because if she finds out, then she'll just buy everything that I was going to get for her anyway."

Rach: "We do have very similar tastes. So it's true, if I knew where he shopped I would probably shop there."

John: "So it's a big secret and when the packages come or I'm bringing in bags, I have to hide them so she doesn't see where they come from."

Rach: "I do see the bags, but I never peek. I like being surprised and I have plenty to keep me busy at Christmas. Even in a pandemic I am still trying to get through my 30-page Hanukkah and Christmas list of cheer."

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