What Kind of Lawyer Is Rach's Husband John?

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Many of you have gotten to know Rach's husband, John Cusimano, a lot better over the past few months through our at-home shows. In addition to taking on the roles of cameraman, mixologist and grillmaster, John is also a lawyer and musician (which you also got a glimpse of during the at-home shows). He chats about his career and answers questions from a viewer in the digital exclusive video above.

Q: Does John practice law in Upstate New York? What kind of law does he do and where does his band play?

A: "I used to practice in New York City as an entertainment lawyer, primarily in film," John says. "Then I met this one, and now I only have one client and her name is Rachael Ray. So I just work on our businesses all the time."

"Smartest thing I ever did was marry an entertainment lawyer. Saved me a bundle," Rach adds with a laugh. "Entertainment licensing is what John does."

And as for where his band, The Cringe, performs?

"Right now my band is playing nowhere except my studio because of Covid. My band and I do record songs remotely and do videos that you see on the show sometimes," John says. "We used to tour quite a bit and play live all over the country, all over North America and the UK. I want to get back out there. Whenever that happens, we'll be there!"

Rach also answers another viewer question — does John ever sing to her?

"No not really," she says honestly. Although as she says herself, "I didn't legitimately seal that deal until I heard his music."

"John is a musician. He wanted to go to Berklee College of Music and was accepted and he's a terrific musician and he plays 57 different instruments. But he went to law school because his parents told him cautiously that it's better to have a trade," Rach says. "He really is a master of keyboards, every stringed instrument, he's especially great with percussion."

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