What's The Main Difference Between Cakey + Fudgy Brownies?

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When our pastry aficionado and culinary producer Grant Melton set out to create the perfect brownie recipe, he realized that he’d have to come up with not one, but two, recipes.


Because, as it turns out, brownie preferences (like cookie preferences) can be quite divisive. Some love fudgy brownies, while others prefer cakey brownies.

But what’s the difference when it comes to the recipe?

Well, Grant says, it’s really all about ratios, because the actual ingredients are almost entirely the same. What?!

For both, he combines butter, chocolate and sugar over a double boiler (heating up the sugar before it gets mixed with the eggs makes for that irresistible crackly, crunchy brownie topping), before adding in the dry ingredients.


In the fudgy brownies, there’s more butter and more chocolate, which creates a super dense texture. For even more fudginess, Grant says, use a whisk instead of a mixer and transfer your fudgy brownies straight from the oven into the refrigerator until ready to serve.


The cakey brownies have extra flour, extra baking powder and the addition of baking soda, which make them rise up to form a more cake-like dessert. They also get cook for five more minutes which makes them a little less gooey and Grant uses an electric mixer on ‘em, instead of just a whisk, to really add air (and more rise) to them.

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As usual, Grant had even more genius tips for the perfect brownies.

1. Add Espresso Powder
He loves to add a smidge of espresso powder to his brownies because, he says, it really brings out the chocolatey flavor.

2. Binder it Up!
When you line your pan with parchment paper, hold it in place with binder clips so it doesn’t move around when you pour in the batter. Where does he get the binder clips? The office supply closet, duh (we promise, Grant, your secret’s safe with us!).

3. Use Parchment Power
When sifting dry ingredients, place a large piece of parchment paper on the counter to avoid getting flour EVERYWHERE.

Even though she’s not a sweets person, Rach couldn’t get over Grant’s incredible brownies. Her favorite part? The crispy-crunchy corner piece.

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