Yes, You Can Make Banana Bread In Your RICE COOKER

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Playing Rice-Cooker Banana Bread

We love rice cookers for cooking perfectly fluffy rice — but it’s annoying that they can’t do much else.


Stop your rice cooker from collecting dust in your cabinet NOW and bust it out for this banana bread.

That's right, make your rice cooker work double duty — especially in the summer when you don't want to turn that oven on.

Former "Top Chef" star Stephanie Izard shared her mom's banana bread recipe with us — and she adapted it to bake up perfectly in a rice cooker.

(Watch her make it in the video above!)

How did she figure this out, you ask? "I was actually reading about this on a blog of a woman that lived in Japan, where she didn't have space for an oven — but she had a rice cooker," Stephanie explains. 

Who knew?!

So, using basic ingredients that you probably already have at home — like butter, sugar, eggs and flour — all you need are some soft brown bananas for the perfect banana bread.  

The process is surprisingly simple — the only difference is that you pour the batter into a rice cooker instead of a loaf pan (make sure you grease the bowl of your rice cooker just like you would the loaf pan). 

Cooking time depends on the brand of rice cooker, but it should "bake" up in around 90 minutes. (For some rice cookers, this will be about two cycles.)

"It cooks up until it’s nice and springy," Rach notices. "It comes right out, and there you go!"

Sounds easy enough for us!

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