How to Personalize Your Stuffing on Thanksgiving

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 Looking to add a little flavor to your Thanksgiving menu this year?

With Turkey Day now less than two weeks away, chef Anne Burrell is showing exactly how to do that with her delicious recipe for Sausage and Mushroom Stuffing.
Burrell is a huge fan of making stuffing on Thanksgiving, as it allows the cook the chance to get creative with what they actually put in it.
"You can put fruit in [your stuffing], or nuts, or sausage or oysters," she says. "I like to put walnuts in mine."
Technically, Burrell refers to this recipe as a "dressing" ("If you put it in the bird, it's stuffing; if you bake it in a pan on a side, it's dressing,” she says), which has long been her preferred method of cooking.
"People like to put their stuffing in [their turkey] so [they] get this beautiful, Norman Rockwell-y turkey kind of [look]," she says. "But it makes the turkey take so much longer to cook, so you have a bigger chance of your turkey being dry."
"You also have a little danger zone that the turkey juices in there … might not get cooked all the way," she adds.

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