3 Brand-New Fruit Cakes to Make on Christmas

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired December 24, 2014

Looking for new ways to add fun and flavor to your holiday menu? Look no further than these three delicious twists on fruit cakes, served up by our buddy Josh Capon.

Check them out now, below:

Fruit Cake French Toast Bake

Rachael Ray Show

This fruit cake can be jazzed up with an eggnog whipped cream. Take your basic whipped cream and add a little bit of sugar, nutmeg and ground cinnamon. Toss in a shot of rum, whisk together and serve. Eggnog whipped cream -- happy holidays, indeed!

Fruit Cake Waffles

Rachael Ray Show

Your guests will love the way the sugar carmalizes into a crunchy and tasty waffle. Top the waffle with vanilla ice cream and cherries, and,  yeah, you'll be going back for seconds.

Fruit Cake Donuts

Rachael Ray Show

Who doesn't love donuts for breakfast? The powdered sugar on top gives this simple-to-follow recipe the perfect Christmas touch, plus the taste will have you wishing Christmas could be more than 24 hours long.

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