What's in Season: 7 Refreshing Cucumber Recipes to Cool You Down

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired July 28, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

Nothing turns down the heat of a sweltering summer day quite like cool, crisp, refreshing cucumber. To celebrate this very summery vegetable, we have seven recipes to mellow even the hottest summer day!

No. 1: Andrew Zimmern’s Cucumber-Mint Lemonade

Rachael Ray Show

This light and bright lemonade adds cucumber and mint and will quench even the deepest thirst.

No. 2: Quick Pickled Cucumber Salad

This traditional vinegar-based cucumber salad is kicked up a notch with the addition of jalapeno.

No. 3: Summer Rolls

Rachael Ray Show

We can’t imagine a side dish that is more refreshing on a hot summer day than these aptly named summer rolls, made with a traditional cucumber filling.

No. 4: Mediterranean Cucumber Cups

These delicious apps are little Greek salads served in a cucumber “cup.” Perfect to serve at a gathering on a hot summer day.

No. 5: Tomato Cucumber Salad With Lemon Honey Poppy Dressing

This extra-refreshing salad features all the flavors of the Mediterranean, from lemon to basil to honey. Delish!

No. 6: Kara Vogt's Cucumber Lemon-Lime Mint Spritzer

Mellow cucumber balances the tartness of lemon and lime in this deliciously fizzy drink. It’s alcohol-free, but could be boosted with a splash of your favorite over-21 beverage, we won’t tell!

No. 7: Cucumber Ginger Mule

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This recipe adds cucumber to a traditional Moscow Mule, which balances the sharpness of the ginger. Perfect adult drink for a warm summer evening.

All of the above recipes are delish, but let’s face it, a beautiful summer cucumber doesn’t need much dressing up. If you don’t feel like prepping, you can always just slice up your cuke and sprinkle on a bit of salt. Now that tastes like summer!

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