Can You Guess Whether Americans Like Chewy or Crunchy Cookies Better?

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It's National Cookie Day! Which means we're putting this debate to rest, once and for all —

Which is the superior cookie, chewy or crunchy?

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Turns out, America has a definitive answer!

According to National Today, 35 percent of you like crunchy cookies, but a whopping 65 percent of you LOVE your cookies chewy!

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(And honestly, is there anything better than breaking into a little ball of soft, gooey goodness? We think not!)

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That said, no matter how you like it, we’ve got you! We have a recipe for thin and crispy cookies and for fat and chewy cookies. (Fun fact: The real trick between the two? To get thin and crispy cookies, you chill the dough before you make it! Otherwise, for chewy cookies, get that dough baking as soon as you’re done mixing!)

Other fun cookie facts: 35 percent of people have eaten an entire package of cookies in one sitting (been there), while another 21 percent said they have whipped up cookie dough with the intention of baking it — only to eat it all instead! (Been there, too — which is why we love edible cookie dough!)

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But something the majority of you (54 percent, to be exact) can agree on? Homemade cookies are the BEST!

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