Here's an Easy Test to Find Out If Your Baking Powder Is Still Good

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Baking powder is one of those ingredients that seems to sit in our pantries forever and ever.

(We somehow never run out!)

But does it ever expire?! And if so, how can you tell if it’s no longer good?


Cake Boss Buddy Valastro set the record straight when a studio audience member named Kim inquired.

Q: How do I know if my baking powder is still good? - Kim

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A: If you take hot water and add a little bit of baking powder to it, it will fizzle if it’s right. Baking powder usually lasts a very long time, so odds are, it’s probably good. But if you want to foolproof it, throw it in a little bit of hot water and [see if you see] that bubble. - Buddy Valastro

Watch the Cake Boss himself put our baking soda to the test in the video above!

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