How to Carve a Turkey

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While most people bring their Thanksgiving turkey to the table whole and proceed to carve it right off the bone, Rach says they do it a little differently in the restaurant business.

In fact, she says her family actually makes two small birds instead of one big bird so they can carve one up and leave one whole until about halfway through the meal. (Do it for the Insta!)

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Here's how Rach carves her turkey on Thanksgiving:

First, let the meat rest. Then, you can hold the turkey down for stability with a meat fork, Rach says, but she uses her hand. (Just be careful!) After, she cuts right along the breast bone of the turkey. Once the whole breast comes off, Rach cuts it into pieces on an angle so the skin is evenly distributed.

"The whole idea is if you pull off the entire breast on both sides of the bird," Rach explains, "then everyone gets a nice, even portion."

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(Plus, once one breast is off, you're able to see the rest of the bird more clearly, so you know what you're working with!)

Just make sure you have a huge cutting board to work on, Rach suggests, and stabilize it with a wet paper towel or dish rag underneath.

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