Quick and Easy BLD Meal: Spanish Omelette With Peppers + Cheese

Rachael serves this quick and easy Spanish tortilla (an egg and potato omelette) with Serrano ham and melon for breakfast, lunch or dinner (BLD).

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How to Make Tortilla with Potatoes, Piquillo Peppers and Manchego | BLD Meal | Rachael Ray

Watch Rachael show you how to make a Spanish tortilla (omelette) with potatoes, piquillo peppers + cheese, perfect for a quick and easy BLD meal.

Rach's Pasta Twist on the Savory Greek Spinach Pie Spanakopita

Rachael shares her fun + tasty pasta and spanakopita mashup, which she calls "spanakopipasta!"

Jacques Pepin's Quick and Easy English Muffin Shrimp Burgers

Jacques Pepin shares his quick and easy shrimp burgers, which he serves on English muffin halves with an optional dollop of trout roe.

How to Make Shrimp Burgers | Jacques Pepin

Watch Jacques Pepin show you how to make quick and easy shrimp burgers on English muffin halves. (To elevate them, dollop with trout roe!)

How to Make Spanakopipasta | Rachael Ray

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Turns out, even though you can cook a chuck roast on top of the stove, Rach prefers THIS method instead.

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Lidia Bastianich's Ricotta-Cherry Cookies are Moist, Easy + Delicious

Lidia Bastianich's moist ricotta cookies are delicious with or without Amarena cherries (Italian wild cherries in syrup—like maraschinos, but more tart!).

Lidia Bastianich's "Goes-With-Anything" Arugula + Porcini Salad

Lidia Bastianich shares her quick and easy Italian-inspired arugula salad with porcini + Grana Padano, which goes with just about anything.