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Nutritionist Ilana Muhlstein, who lost a whopping 100 pounds and kept it off, shares 4 tips to make your weight-loss journey easier and more attainable.

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96-Year-Old "First Lady of Fitness” On What Healthy Means to Her

Jack LaLanne was known as "the godfather of fitness", now, at 96, his wife Elaine is continuing on his legacy to inspire other to live a healthy life.

Carrying On Her Husband's Legacy: 96-Year-Old Elaine LaLanne Still Exercises Every Day

Wife of the "godfather of fitness" Jack LaLanne still exercises every day—and it working (at 96 years old!) to carry on her husband's legacy.

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Replacing bright lights in your home with amber-colored light bulbs could benefit your sleep and circadian rhythm, says health journalist Max Lugavere.

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Raspberry Red Velvet Smoothie Bowl | Healthy Breakfast Idea

This easy, sweet tooth satisfying breakfast is packed with phytochemicals that help neutralize toxins in your body, thanks to superfood ingredients like raspberries and beets, plus protein powder and peanut butter to help keep you full.