How to Make Baby Greek Meatballs + Rice Pilaf with Feta and Spinach | Rachael Ray

Watch Rachael prepare a Greek-style dinner of crispy, juicy meatballs nestled in a fragrant rice pilaf with walnuts, feta, herbs and lots of spinach.

Rach's Juicy Greek Meatballs With Feta + Spinach Rice Pilaf—Delish!

Rachael pairs crispy, juicy meatballs with a "spanikopita" rice pilaf with feta and spinach in this Greek-style, family-friendly dinner.

How to Make Greek Stuffed Peppers (Gemista) | Rachael Ray

Watch Rach prepare Greek-style baked peppers filled with a fragrant mixture of ground lamb or beef, rice, tomatoes, cheese and lots of fresh herbs.

Rach's Family Can't Get Enough of These Greek Stuffed Peppers

Rachael stuffs pepper "boats" with an aromatic meat, rice, cheese and herb filling, then bakes them with sliced potatoes + puréed tomatoes.

Rach Makes a Warm-Weather Favorite: Tagliatelle with Ragu + Peas

Rach shares a recipe that's a favorite of her husband John—tagliatelle with peas and a light ragu, which can be made with any kind of ground meat.

How To Make Tagliatelle with Ground Meat Ragu and Peas | Rachael Ray

Watch Rach show you how to make a pasta recipe that's beloved by her husband John.

Pita Chips + Hummus + Spiced Meat = Rach's Moroccan Nachos

Rach shares a global take on nachos made with pita chips, hummus + spiced ground chicken, beef or lamb.

Rach Stuffs Eggplant Boats With The Greek Flavors Of Moussaka

Rach shares a recipe for eggplant boats (aka papoutsakia, or "little shoes" in Greek) stuffed with the flavors of moussaka.

Slow-Roasted Bone-In Leg of Lamb | Rachael Ray

Rach's Slow-Roasted Bone-In Leg of Lamb recipe is the star of her Easter dinner.

How To Make Moussaka-Stuffed Eggplant (Papoutsakia) | Rachael Ray

Watch Rach prepare papoutsakia—"little shoes" in Greek—eggplant boats that she stuffs with ground lamb or beef, tomatoes and white sauce.

How To Make Mini Moussaka Pies | Chef Rosemary Shrager From "Best Leftovers Ever"

Watch Rosemary Shrager from Netflix's "Best Leftovers Ever" transform her leftover casserole into individual—and fancy!—pies.

These Fancy Lil' Mini Moussaka Pies Are Made From LEFTOVERS

A leftover Greek-style beef, eggplant and potato casserole is transformed into elegant savory mini pies from the host of Netflix's "Best Leftovers Ever."

Moussaka Is The Beef + Eggplant Casserole You Didn't Know You Needed

The Italians have lasagna, the Greeks have moussaka! A creamy white sauce binds together this casserole of eggplant, potatoes + ground beef or lamb.

MYOTO: Spicy Cumin Lamb, Beef or Pork with Wide Noodles + Crushed Cucumber Salad

Make your own take out! Rach makes a crushed cucumber salad to go with spicy cumin wide noodles & your choice of lamb, beef or pork.