Rach's Asian Veggie Quinoa Bowls Are Kid-Friendly + Healthy

Rach's Asian quinoa bowls with stir-fried broccolini, mushrooms, baby kale + arugula are kid-friendly and healthy.

How to Make Vanilla Maple Overnight Oats | Tommy DiDario

Watch lifestyle expert Tommy DiDario show you how to make easy and healthy no-cook overnight oats with maple syrup, chia seeds + fresh fruit.

Vanilla Maple Overnight Oats: An Easy No-Cook, Make-Ahead Breakfast!

Lifestyle expert Tommy Didario shares his "ultimate" lazy (and healthy!) recipe: no-cook overnight oats with maple syrup, almond butter + chia seeds.

How to Make Vegan Cookie Dough Balls | Healthy & Easy No-Bake Snack

Watch The Kitchen Twins, Emily and Lyla Allen, show you how to make their "insanely tasty" and healthy no-bake chocolate-covered vegan cookie dough balls.

Healthy, No-Bake Snack! Vegan Cookie Dough Balls

Healthy, no-bake snack alert: vegan cookie dough balls, which are so easy, you can make them in a dorm kitchen!

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This intense, creamy + quick and easy one-ingredient chocolate mousse also happens to be vegan!

How to Make Vegan Asian-Style Veggie and Quinoa Bowls | Rachael Ray

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Raspberry Red Velvet Smoothie Bowl | Healthy Breakfast Idea

This easy, sweet tooth satisfying breakfast is packed with phytochemicals that help neutralize toxins in your body, thanks to superfood ingredients like raspberries and beets, plus protein powder and peanut butter to help keep you full.

How to Make Leftover Cranberry Sauce Thumbprint Cookies

Watch plant-based food blogger and cookbook author Carleigh Bodrug show you how to make quick and easy vegan cookies with leftover cranberry sauce.

Turn Leftover Cranberry Sauce Into Vegan Thumbprint Cookies

Plant-based food blogger and cookbook author Carleigh Bodrug turns leftover cranberry sauce into quick and easy vegan thumbprint cookies.

Dr. Will Li's Super-Tasty Vegetarian "Fasting" Chili

Watch "Eat to Beat Disease" author Dr. Will Li show you how to make his easy, healthy vegetarian chili with beans.

Dr. Will Li's Super-Tasty Vegetarian "Fasting" Chili

This chili from Dr. Will Li is low-calorie and nutrient dense. He created it to "activate his metabolism" when intermittent fasting.

Vegan Loaded Chili Dogs

Actress, vegan food expert and bestselling cookbook author Tabitha Brown shares her vegan loaded chili "dogs" made with carrots + topped with coleslaw.