Rach’s Husband John Learns How to Make Apple Cider for His Famous Cocktails

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Any and every loyal viewer of our show knows that when Rach’s husband, John, is in the building, delicious cocktails are on the horizon (oh, and their beloved dog, Isaboo, is never far behind).

So, because the official first day of fall is fast approaching, the apple of Rach’s eye decided to make apple cider cocktails this time (Yum-o!) -- and when it came to getting his cider, he didn’t fool around. He went straight to the source.

John took a trip to one of New Jersey’s oldest cider mills, Hacklebarney’s Farm Cider Mill -- and he actually learned how to make the cider himself (with Isaboo in tow).

“It’s really cool to see this process,” John says. “Because my wife and I really love the fall [and] the changing of the season and the leaves.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” he continues, while watching the press machine in action.

And while he was learning the ropes, one of the cider mill workers, Ryan, shared a few interesting tidbits (No. 3 seriously blows our mind).

- Apple cider season is from September through December (we're READY).

- Hacklebarney’s Farm has 32 different varieties of apples on property, and cider recipes change based on the variety.

“Every weekend, it’s going to taste completely different,” Ryan tells John.

- There are 40 APPLES in every gallon of cider. Whoa.

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