This Tiny Apartment — Inside an Old MALL — Gets a Massive Makeover

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When the oldest mall in America -- built in 1828 and located in Providence, Rhode Island -- was in danger of closing, someone had the bright idea of turning empty storefronts into small apartments to salvage it.

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While the idea was pure genius, it can no doubt be a challenge for small homeowners to decorate such minimal square footage. So naturally, we sent our good friend and designer John Gidding to help one mall resident named Carine (who LOVES to entertain) make the most of her space.

"This is the coolest, smallest apartment I’ve ever been in," John says when he arrives.

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But since Carine’s home is rented, John had his work cut out for him -- because every change he made had to be temporary. Unsurprisingly, though, he was up for the challenge!

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His No. 1 solution? Removable wallpaper! (You can't even tell it's wallpaper, right?!)

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And that’s not all!

Watch John work his magic in the video above (he makes a DIY headboard with fake snow -- yes, fake snow)!

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