According to Chef Richard Blais, This Is THE BEST Way to Carve a Turkey

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If you're cooking up a Thanksgiving turkey, then you know there's something else you have to do: carve that bad boy!

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And if you ask Chef Richard Blais, there's only one way to do it — or, we should say, only one tool you should use to do it…





(We know, Rach, we know!)


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"[This] may shock some of you, because I'm a modern chef and I'm a serious chef and cook, but my tip is the electric knife," says Richard. "Grandma and grandpa, they had it right in the '70s! We're bringing it back!"

Why? Working his way into the breast for that "iconic" Thanksgiving slice, he notes, "That's how you get these nice, clean slices."

And indeed, he did! Watch Richard put that blade to work — and teach an audience member how to use it, too — in the video above!

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