Rach's Hubby's Office Gets a "Sexy" Makeover

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As any viewer of our show knows, Rach loves a good makeover!

So when the opportunity to transform her husband John’s office presented itself, Rach was all for it.

She enlisted the help of her design partner for Rachael Ray Home, Michael Murray -- yes, of course John’s new office digs incorporated some of Rach’s furniture! -- and it’s safe to say that John loved the outcome.

(You have to watch the big reveal in the video above. Spoiler: He called it "sexy!")

And if you like what you see, you’ll LOVE the fact that Michael shared a few tricks of the trade:

TIP NO. 1: Function First

A workplace needs to be practical, right? Make sure that the space is well-lit and organized.

"There should be a place for everything," Michael says.

TIP NO. 2: White Paint is Your Friend

Michael insists that utilizing white paint is one of the easiest ways to renovate a room!

It gives the space a clean and fresh look before any other touches are added.

TIP NO. 3: Switch Your Switches Up

A simple and inexpensive way to update a room is by replacing switch plates and switches themselves. Easy enough!

In fact, Michael incorporated dimmers into John’s new-and-improved office to give it more of a luxurious feel!

TIP NO. 4: Never Hang Artwork in a Straight Line

Rachael Ray Show

You should ALWAYS hang artwork in groupings, Michael suggests.

"It should be kind of a story," he explains. "Like a little bit of an event."

TIP NO. 5: Let There Be Light!

"My rule of thumb for designing an office is [to] lighten it up," Michael advises. "Make it as light and bright as possible, so you can keep the lights at a comfortable level."

In other words, design a bright space to begin with so you don’t have to count on bright, harsh industrial lights later!


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