Viewer Lost 60 Pounds Using This 28-Minute Workout Series: 'It Basically Changed My Life'

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What would YOU do if you finally met the person who inspired you (without even knowing it!) to lose 60 pounds in a year and jumpstart a more healthy lifestyle?

Well, when we helped Emma -- a teacher from Tuckahoe Middle School in Richmond, Virginia -- do just that, she was beside herself.

Let's start at the beginning of Emma's story, though.

When she started college, she had stopped playing sports and wasn't working out regularly. And once she got married, that didn't change.

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"After you get married," she explains, "you're comfortable, you're happy and you're just not really paying attention to those sorts of things."

It wasn't until she saw a photo of herself shortly after tying the knot that inspired her to make a change.

"It just clicked," Emma says.

So, she joined a gym and embarked on a 6-week program with a trainer -- but once the trainer was gone, so was her motivation.

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"I felt lost in the gym by myself," the teacher explains.

(We hear that, Emma!)

That's when one of her friends introduced her to Australian personal trainer and Instagram star (with over 9 MILLION followers!), Kayla Itsines.

"[It] basically changed my life," Emma says of Kayla's 12-week Bikini Body Guide, which consists of 28-minute workouts.

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"I really like Kayla's program because it gave me structure," she continues of the virtual workouts, "but it also gave me the freedom to choose where and when I did the workouts."

In fact, she loved the program so much that she hasn't stopped doing it!

And now, after losing 60 pounds, she has the energy to play tennis and hike with her husband. Amazing!

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"We are truly enjoying that active lifestyle," Emma says.

Next up for her? Running a half marathon! ?

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Watch the video above to see Emma meet the woman who inspired her to get to this point.

(Spoiler alert: Kayla sneaks up behind Emma and surprises her -- and it's amazing!)

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