Rachael's Husband Had The CUTEST Mother's Day Surprise For Her -- and It Involved Mamma Leone's!


With Mother's Day right around the corner, Rachael's husband John wanted to something special for her. (She is Isaboo's fur mama, after all!)

And in their house, what could be more special than food — especially food that's meant so much to them since they were children:

Mamma Leone's!

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The iconic Italian restaurant — which used to stand in NYC's Theater District, though has since closed — will forever be one of Rachael's faves. She's even whipped a few Leone's-inspired recipes this season alone!

But since it's closed, John did the next best thing he could do — bring Mamma Leone's to her with The NoMad hotel's update on the restaurant's top dish: Mamma Leone's/Mamma Guidara's Chicken Parmesan!

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He set up a checkered table in the studio, complete with the chicken dish and wine, and even lit candles. So sweet!

And the surprises didn't stop there — watch the video above to see how Rachael reacted!

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