This Snack Can Help Moisturize Your Skin From The INSIDE Out

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Who else runs out of moisturizer instantly in the winter?

(When is our skin going to stop cracking?! ? )

Well, according to former Olympic figure skater Sasha Cohen, those creams we pay big bucks for are not the only remedy for dry skin!

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"You can moisturize from the inside," Sasha stresses. "Certain fatty foods -- like avocado -- are high in monounsaturated fats and actually help moisturize that outer layer of skin."

Wait, for real?!

"[They're] high in vitamin E, which also helps you repair your skin," she continues. "So your skin can kind of do some of the work itself before you slather up with moisturizer."

Her ~moisturizing~ snack of choice? Mashed avocado on a seed cracker!

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Here's everything you need to whip it up yourself:

- Seed cracker
- Spoonful of mashed avocado
- Sprinkle of sea salt
- Sprinkle of pepper
- Sprinkle of hemp seeds (Sasha says she puts these on everything!)
- Drizzle of olive oil

"This is the most wonderful snack," the former Olympian says. "[It’s] super healthy [and has a] low glycemic index."

Watch her make the quick treat (and eat it right up!) in the video above.

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