Our New Favorite Holiday Party Idea (mini gingerbread houses included!)

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Playing Our New Favorite Holiday Party Idea (mini gingerbread houses included!)

Throwing a holiday party can seem like a big task, especially if you live in a small space (all of New York City knows the struggle is real). Party planner to the stars (think Stella McCartney and Ralph Lauren), Mary Giuliani, has great ideas that’ll not only keep guests happy, but will serve as festive decor!

Set Up a Hot Chocolate Bar!
This idea is perfect for chilly, winter parties! Using clear glass vases and bowls in different shapes and sizes, you could serve toppings like big marshmallows, little marshmallows, candy canes, chocolate covered pretzels (GENIUS!), chocolate chips, peanuts, etc. Hey, if it’s an adult party, you might as well throw in a bottle of your favorite chocolate liqueur. (Besides, who could resist boozy hot cocoa?!)

Add Mini Gingerbread Houses
As if your hot chocolate bar wasn’t great enough, take it to the next level by making a mini gingerbread house for each of your guests! Add a slit on the bottom so it can sit nicely on the rim of the hot cocoa mugs -- adorable!


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