How to Find the Healthiest Thing on the Menu -- Even At a Diner!

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We’ve all been there -- you find yourself eating at a restaurant with lots of tempting choices, but you're trying to eat healthy. What would “The Biggest Loser” trainer (and now host) Bob Harper do? He visited Chelsea Square Restaurant, a neighborhood New York City diner to see if he could find healthy Bob-approved options on the menu. “Wherever you go to eat, you can always find a healthy choice,” says Harper— even at a diner. Here are his tips for surviving breakfast, lunch and dinner without sacrificing flavor or sabotaging your diet.

Harper says to steer clear of carb-dense foods such as pancakes, waffles and french toast,which don’t provide much nutrition or staying power (hello, sugar high). Instead, he recommends going for a protein-filled omelette loaded with veggies. When ordering egg white omelettes, he suggests that you ask for one or two whole eggs to be mixed in -- this will give you the taste of a regular omelette, but with far less fat and calories.

Most places probably have a burger on the menu --  if they have a  turkey option that’s your best bet for lean protein. Either way, skip the top bun (some carbs, but not too many) and the cheese to cut down on fat. “Remember to find a good balance between fat, protein and carbs in every meal,” he explains.

You can probably guess that you should avoid fried and starchy carb-loaded foods like chicken fingers and french fries. So what should you eat? Harper says seafood options like broiled sea scallops or fish are usually a great choice. Just ask for any sauces on the side so you can control how much of it goes on your food (or skip it entirely if you’re being super health-conscious). Boost your meal with some belly-filling fiber by adding a side of steamed veggies, baked sweet potato or salad (sans heavy, creamy dressings, of course!).

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