How to Pack the Perfect Salad in Jar

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Packing a colorful salad for lunch is a genius healthy eating solution, but transporting a salad can be tough. How do you avoid a soggy mess once you add the dressing? Watch above as Daphne Oz riffs on a technique her grandmother used to make the perfect portable lunch in a mason jar!

“One of the biggest things when it comes to eating healthily is making it easy on yourself and setting yourself up for success,” says Daphne. “I feel like a lot of people, myself included, we have the best intentions [when] you go out there, but you don’t plan ahead. And when it comes down to it, the healthy choices available to you either taste terrible, are not available or are way too expensive.”

The author’s answer? A “no-excuses, take-it-on-the-go” salad, perfect to take anywhere, from the office to the airport.

To get started, pour your dressing into the bottom of the jar, followed by crunchy vegetables and sturdy grains. On top of that, put your protein—hard-boiled eggs or chicken make great choices here—and cooked vegetables. Top it off with salad greens and a handful of crunchy nuts and you’re good to go! To serve, give it a good shake or empty into a bowl when you’re ready to dive in. Click here for the full recipe!

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