Does Washing Your Hands Prevent Colds?

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No matter how you slice it, germs are simply hard to avoid.

That said, there is one thing you can do to try and help yourself not get a cold this season -- and yes, we’re talking about washing your hands.

But guess what? You're probably doing it wrong -- or not entirely right.

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When our buddy Dr. Travis Stork stopped by, he demonstrated exactly how he washes away germs (watch him in the video above!). That's when he revealed something unexpected: One of the dirtiest parts of your body -- and you’re not paying attention to it -- is your forearm!

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"Those germs can start to build up, and you forget about it," Dr. Travis explains. "And then you’re touching your face with your forearms, and you get sick that way."

So, Dr. Travis suggests washing your hands AND forearms for 20 seconds -- and he turns off the faucet and opens the bathroom door with the paper towel he uses to dry his hands.

So smart!

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Now, if -- not for a lack of effort on your part -- you do start developing a sore throat or a cough, Dr. Travis suggests hot green tea with natural honey (a cough suppressant, he says), ginger and cayenne pepper (for those clogged sinuses!).

"Green tea is a wonderful anti-inflammatory," Dr. Travis assures.

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