Stressed? Popcorn With THIS Sprinkled On Top Could Actually Help Ease Anxiety

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Playing Stressed? Popcorn With THIS Sprinkled On Top Could Actually Help Ease Anxiety

Who doesn't find comfort in the saltiest and greasiest of junk foods when they’re feeling stressed out?

Well, this just in: There’s a right way to eat your feelings in those times of need.

Just ask Dr. Oz!

"We have foods that could actually fix those problems," he assures.

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So, instead of turning to potato chips like one viewer named Jackie -- whose son is currently serving in the military -- tends to do in times of stress, take Dr. Oz’s lead and make popcorn. (Yes, POPCORN.)

His secret ingredient? Brewer’s yeast -- which contains B vitamins. (“Your brain needs them to cope with the world,” he says.)

And yes, he does put a little bit of butter or olive oil in there, too!

GET THE RECIPE HERE: Stress-Calming Popcorn with Nutritional Yeast

"The healthy whole grain carbs will allow your blood sugar to stay where it needs to be," Dr. Oz explains. "Even my grandchildren can do this."

(He’s not lying! Watch them make it in the video above.)

Not to mention that whole grains have magnesium, which 80 percent of us are deficient in, the doctor reveals.

"People who have low magnesium seem to be a bit more anxious," he says.

More popcorn, please! Who’s with us?

Another one of the doc’s go-tos? Popped quinoa, which should only take about 10 minutes to make.

GET THE RECIPE HERE: Stress-Fighting Sweet and Spicy Popped Quinoa

And watch Jackie give it a taste in the video above!

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