These Super-Sneaky "Superfood" Meals Have More Calories Than Some JUNK FOODS

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The next time you step out for a meal and order what you *think* is a "healthy" superfood meal, our buddy Dr. Oz wants you to stop and ask yourself if you're doing your body a favor or not.

(Even a seemingly innocent salad needs to be questioned, as you'll soon learn!)

"A superfood is a food that has so many nutrients in it, you want to celebrate it," the doc says. "But sometimes nutrients come with calories."

(Ah, *there's* the ugly truth.)

"Buy real superfoods -- which generally are fresh fruits and vegetables -- without adulterating [them]," he suggests.

And he didn't stop there!

He actually *investigated* three trendy "superfoods" that may be deceptive ...


Dr. Oz says one poke bowl contains about 820 calories, which he says is equivalent to 4 ¼ chocolate doughnuts.

(YUP, you read that right.)

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"I don't care how many nutrients are in there," he goes on. "If you've eaten half your calories of the day in a bowl like this …"

One culprit you may be forgetting about? All that rice hiding under your raw fish!


"If you eat the [acai] berry by itself," the doctor says, "it's got a lot of nutrients."

BUT we all know that those trendy acai bowls have *way* more in them than just the berry.

So much so that they one bowl could contain about 987 calories, Dr. Oz says -- which he points out is as much as 3.5 slices of pizza.

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(We can't *handle* this!)


Sure, just the salad part of one of those gourmet chopped salads can be nutritious -- but if it's drowned in a creamy dressing, as Dr. Oz explains, you're probably consuming more calories than you realize.

In fact, the doc says that a specialty salad could contain about 740 calories -- which is as much as THREE burgers. ?

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Dr. Oz and Rach's suggestion? Make your own dressing so you know exactly what's going in there!

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