7 Figure-Friendly Eats for The Big Game

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired January 29, 2015

Do you need a great game-day healthy meal plan? We have lighter options for chili, chips guacamole and wings. Enjoy these 7 Figure-Friendly Eats while cheering on your favorite team. 

1.) Turkey Picadillo

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Chili loaded with cheese and sour cream is a classic recipe that so many of us watch during the big game. If you’re looking for a more figure-friendly option, try this dish made with lean ground turkey, fresh veggies, capers, raisins and spices. The flavor is irresistible. Score!

2.) Travis Stork's Classic Guacamole

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We all love chowing down on chips and guacamole, but our waist line does not. This traditional recipe is made with ripe avocados, minced jalapeño, fresh lime juice, red onion, kosher salt and cilantro. Serve with Rustic Whole Wheat Tortilla Chips or celery sticks.

3.) Rustic Whole-Wheat Tortilla Chips

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We love chips and dip, but for a lighter option Angie Martinez serves her dips with Rustic Whole Wheat Tortilla Chips instead.

4.) Kale Chips

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Swap out the potato chip for kale chips! We love kale chips because it’s loaded with protein, fiber and packed with vitamins. We massage the kale with olive oil and sea salt, and then bake on a cookie sheet until crisp. It’s a quick, healthy snack that we can’t get enough of!

5.) Lettuce Tacos with Sesame-Cumin Beef 

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We marinate flank steak in soy, mirin, ground cumin and spices. Combine the steak with fresh veggies like red chili pepper, sweet peppers, lots of garlic and onion. Drizzle in soy and sesame oil for extra flavor. Stuff the meat and vegetables inside Bibb lettuce leaves. To bump up your protein, serve with freshly steamed edamame.

6.) Pesto Chicken Wings

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If you're looking for a full flavor, healthier option for chicken wings, then look no further. These Pesto Wings are baked in the oven until golden brown. We slather them with fresh basil, parsley, walnuts, zesty lemon juice and olive oil. Toss the wings in the pesto sauce and serve with sliced lemons.

7.) Black Bean and Butternut Chili

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This hearty, meatless chili is loaded with black beans and fresh veggies like butternut squash, garlic, and onions. We kick up the spice level by adding Ancho and Pasilla chili pepper, cumin ,coriander and paprika. To flavor the chili even more we add a lager beer and lime juice. Top with fresh cilantro, chipped scallions, toasted pepitas, dice avocado and crumbled queso fresco.

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