11 Recipes that Feature the Rich Umami Flavor of Mushrooms

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Mushrooms bring that certain umami something to any dish they are included in, and we have 11 delectable recipes that bring that flavor to the forefront.

No. 1: Spinach and Artichoke-Stuffed Mushrooms

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These party-sized mushroom bites are chock full of delicious ingredients like garlic, Parmigiano-Reggiano, pine nuts, spinach and artichoke – delish!

No. 2: Drunken Spaghetti with Mushrooms and Chard

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For this dish, your pasta “drinks” up red wine until it’s infused. Rach tosses it with sautéed lardons, chard, baby portobellos and grated Pecorino or Parimigiano-Reggiano – yum!

No. 3: Turkey Meatballs with Spinach and Mushrooms

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Rach makes these meatballs with a combo of Italian turkey sausage and ground turkey, and kicked up a notch with mushrooms, spinach and pine nuts.

No. 4: Mushroom and Provolone in a Pocket

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These sophisticated vegetarian pockets are oozing with the umami flavor of sautéed mushrooms, and the sharp, earthiness of aged provolone cheese.

No. 5: Two Mushroom Bourguignon

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For a festive vegetarian option try this deliciously meat-free alternative to beef bourguignon. Nothing but meat in lacking in this meal!

No. 6: Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding

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Emeril Lagasse’s savory bread pudding is a great way to break from the ordinary and wow your friends!

No. 7: Garlic Naan Flat Bread Pizza with Mushrooms

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These delicious little pizzas are actually good for you! Rach cooks down mushrooms and greens to concentrate the flavor, then layers then onto garlicky naan bread with a smoky cumin-infused cheese on top. Delish!

No. 8: Curtis Stone’s Broccolini-Mushroom Casserole

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This dish is inspired by a green bean casserole, but with broccolini (or broccoli if you prefer). Curtis makes his own mushroom cream sauce, and tops with Parmesan and panko for a crunchy cheese topping, yum!

No. 9: Mushroom and Shallot Spaghetti with Crispy Prosciutto

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Spaghetti is tossed with a veritable mountain of sautéed mushrooms, shallots and garlic, and accented with parsley, freshly grated cheese, prosciutto and walnuts. Yum!

No. 10: Chef Anne Burrell’s Sausage and Mushroom Stuffing

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Anne’s traditional recipe features a multitude of flavorful ingredients like sweet Italian sausage, mushrooms, sage and walnuts. Delish.

No. 11: Tomato Sauce with Mushrooms and “Fat Spaghetti”

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The “fat spaghetti” or bucatini, in this dish, is tossed with a rich mushroom sauce made from reconstituted porcini mushrooms and fresh cremini mushrooms.

What’s your favorite way to cook with mushrooms? Share below and watch Rach make her yummy vegetarian mushroom bourguignon below:

Two Mushroom Bourguignon

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