5 Must-Have Gadgets To Make Thanksgiving More Fun

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Playing 5 Must-Have Gadgets To Make Thanksgiving More Fun

The biggest food event of the year is almost here, and you all know what that means: It’s time to flip those turkeys, bake up pies, and wash a LOT of dishes. Here to help make things a bit easier this year is gadget expert Chris Kimball! In the video above, you can see how each unique product can work for you.

Easily Flip a Turkey
When you roast a turkey, you often start breast-side down. The challenge here is when it comes time to flip it -- it’s not easy! Kimball says the Ultimate Turkey Rack allows you to flip it easily, so you have one less thing to stress about in the kitchen. Pretty cool, right?!

A New Way to Eat Chips + Dip
It’s kind of hard to make sure the carrot sticks don’t end up colliding with the salsa you got for the chips when you’re carrying around a plate full of food at a party. These nifty tools can help keep things separate -- they’re called “Dip Clips” and simply clip onto the edge of your plate. Want more than one dip? No problem! Clip as many onto your plate as your heart desires, and dip away!

Decorate Cookies with Edible Markers
Decorating cookies is fun! Making intricate details on your cookies using icing is… well, not always fun for non-artsy people. So, Wilton created markers that are edible -- that means you can draw all over your cookies without a sticky mess. They’re great for kids, too!

A Foolproof Way to Trim Pie Dough
Making dough for an apple pie is probably the hardest part of the entire baking process. Kimball found a neat gadget called the Talisman Pastry Guide that helps you cut out the perfect size circle of dough for your pie! Click here to get his recipe for American Apple Pie.

Use Magnets to Help Get Your Dishes Squeaky Clean
The best part of Thanksgiving is eating all the food. The worst part about Thanksgiving is doing the dishes. Kimball found a tool that can help make dishwashing easier and possibly more fun! (We said “possibly.”) It’s called the Cuisipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber. This demonstration is probably the coolest thing you’ll see all day. Check it out above!


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