Help! I Under (or Over) Cooked My Turkey!

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The bad news is, your turkey isn’t great. The good news is, whether it’s dry or undercooked, there’s one simple solution, and either way, it’ll still be the juiciest turkey you’ve ever had! Rach always says to have lots of turkey (or chicken) stock-in-a-box on hand for Thanksgiving. (Break seal in case of emergency -- in this case, it’s an emergency!)

Here’s what you do: place your roasting pan over a couple of burners on your stovetop, and fill it with a quart of stock. Carve the turkey in the kitchen (now, don’t get upset that there isn’t some grand carving show happening at the dining room table), and put the slices of turkey into the hot stock. If the turkey is undercooked, the stock will add moisture and cook it to a safe-eating temperature. If it’s dry, the stock will make it nice and juicy (and no one will know your secret!).

Once you remove the turkey, you’ll have lots of extra stock. So, what do you do when life gives you stock? Make gravy! You should always have extra gravy on hand for Thanksgiving -- get Rachael’s no-fail recipe for it here.


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