3 Healthy Comfort Food (+ Drink!) Makeovers From Clinton Kelly

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Playing 3 Healthy Comfort Food (+ Drink!) Makeovers From Clinton Kelly

It’s a brand new year and that means it’s time to make resolutions (or not, like Oprah) and hopefully stick to them, too!

If one of your resolutions involves getting rid of some extra holiday weight, you’re not alone. “The Chew” host Clinton Kelly knows all about the struggles of January -- and the temptations!

To help you satisfy those mischievous cravings without going overboard on calories, he created these comfort foods with a healthy twist so you can have your cake nachos and eat it them too!


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Loaded Sweet Potato

There’s nothing more comforting than a loaded baked potato, but they pack a punch in the calorie department.

If you’re craving one, try this tasty, healthy swap instead!

Grab a sweet potato and roast it with a little salt and pepper. While that’s happening, combine Greek yogurt with cumin, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, and a little lemon zest. Top your potato with a dollop of this flavorful yogurt and you’ll never look back!


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Healthy Fruit Nachos

Once that sweet craving hits, most times an apple just won’t do. Here’s how to fulfil those cravings without totally demolishing your diet at the same time. Make these apple nachos!

Slice an apple real thin, and drizzle (not smother) the apples with a little chocolate and caramel sauces. Add some crunch with crushed pretzels and you’ve got yourself a sweet and salty dessert!


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Lower Sugar Cocktail

Traditionally, Paloma’s are made with lemon-lime soda which is high in calories, so instead, Clinton swaps in grapefruit juice with club soda.

To add a bit of sweetness, he drizzles in a little honey to replace the standard simple syrup. Now you can have that cocktail you’ve been craving all day long minus the sugar overdose!


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