Frying 101 With Carla Hall: The Juiciest Chicken Ever, Savory Beignets + Veggie Tempura

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Some of the best foods come straight outta the fryer. Think about it -- how do you make the crunchiest, juiciest chicken without drying it out? The fryer. Veggies you won’t have to bribe your kids to eat? The fryer. Perfectly puffed, chewy beignets? You get where we’re going here.

Check out these easy-to-make recipes (the deep fryer does all the work!) from Rach and “The Chew” host Carla Hall below for a little taste of Nashville right in your own kitchen.

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Rachael Ray Show

Shrimp and Andouille Beignets
Beignets are blank palettes - you can add anything you want! In this case, Carla made a savory version with shrimp and andouille sausage. Yum! Serve these sausage and shrimp doughnuts with a small bowl of mustard aioli as a dipper.

Rachael Ray Show

Vegetable Tempura
Like Rach said, “If your kids hate vegetables, put some batter on them and fry ‘em -- they’ll be at it!” (Ain’t that the truth?) The secret ingredient to this batter is soda water -- the bubbles make the tempura lacey, airy and light so it won’t overpower the veggies.

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Rachael Ray Show

Boneless Fried Chicken with 12 Herbs and Spices
Yes, you read that right. That recipe title says 12 herbs and spices! This crunchy chicken is probably the most flavorful you’ll ever eat. Rach likes to serve it up with some bread and butter pickles, hot sauce and a fat drizzle of warm honey, so it’s both sweet and savory.

MAKE: Fried Chicken Thighs and Cheesy Grits with Green Onions

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