Leave It To Bobby Flay to Reinvent Avocado Toast

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Love avocado toast?

Of COURSE you do!

“Avocado toast is like the kale salad of 2017!” says chef Bobby Flay.

There’s a reason why, folks.

It tastes SO DARN GOOD!

So if you’re looking for more tasty ways to add the luscious, creamy fruit into your life, chef Bobby Flay’s got you covered with three creative ways to graduate from plain old avocado toast.

Just one thing though -- after reading this, please try not buy ALL the avocados at the grocery store, ok?

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Avocado Toast With Poached Eggs + Hot Sauce

Rachael Ray Show

Yea, straight-up avocado toast is great and all, but how about you put a poached egg on it?! Maybe mash up that creamy avocado and turn it into a guacamole spread -- add some hot sauce and you’ve got yourself one heck of a hearty and nutritious meal!

Mesa Grill-Style Avocado Relish + Jicama-Cucumber Salsa

Rachael Ray Show

Bobby just added this to the menu at Mesa Grill in Vegas! It’s not exactly guacamole… think of it as guacamole’s cousin… topped with a refreshing jicama-cucumber salsa!

Avocado Tostadas With Black Bean Relish + Cumin Crema

Rachael Ray Show

Have you ever tried a fried avocado?! Bobby dips slices in a little buttermilk, breads it with panko and then fries ‘em up! And while those are great as-is, Bobby takes it a step further by turning it into a tostada! Just look at it! ALMOST too pretty to eat.

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